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Understanding Speech

Jodi Norris, MS, CCC-SLP
Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist

Providing Speech and Language Therapy to Children in Mason, Ohio

Now a Proud Provider of the Autism Scholarship

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“We have been through many other options for speech therapy: including ABC pediatrics, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, public school IEP, and a private therapist. Mrs. Norris was the first person to take a real interest in Michael and tackle the complexity of his issues. She didn't simply have him repeat words to her. She worked to understand his difficulties and helped him to physically understand the positioning of his tongue and mouth. During his sessions, I would often see him lean forward to have her help him position his jaw for example.

She has been a real blessing in our lives. Michael has improved dramatically, even though we have a way to go.

We hired Jodi in his kindergarten year. She was impressive right from the start! She informed us that the public school system was required by law to provide services for Michael, regardless of his enrollment in their kindergarten program. She even verified this with her lawyer and passed that information along to us. However, we decided that this program was not for Michael. They made no progress towards his speech in the entire school year. After much discussion, we decided that we did not want to hire a lawyer and fight the school system to get Michael back in their program. It just wasn't worth their limited abilities.

Jodi has been working with Michael all through his kindergarten year, during this summer and now in first grade. We started with two, one hour sessions a week. This year we are down to one, one hour session.

She even comes to the school for his sessions. However, personally, I enjoy going to her office for his therapy. This way I get to see the way she interacts with him and the phrases and gestures she uses to encourage proper pronunciation.

I cannot say enough good things about Mrs. Norris and the work she does. Not only is she an advocate for his speech and overall health, she really cares about him and his well being. It's almost as if I have a second pair of motherly eyes watching over him.

What a blessing she has been for us.
I highly recommend her services for other parents that may find a need for them.”
-Wendy H. Parent

“My son was diagnosed with global apraxia at age three.  Global apraxia is a motor planning disorder.  The apraxia affected his speech greatly; in fact, he had no real words, just a few speech sounds.  His developmental pediatrician at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital told us that the most we could hope for is that he would “talk like a stroke victim”.  After hearing that we decided we were going to send him to St. Rita’s School for the Deaf.  They have a school for apraxic children where kids use speech and sign language to communicate.  A few days after I had gone to St. Rita’s for a tour of the program, a friend of a friend recommended a speech pathologist to me to help my son.   We went and met with Jodi.  I told her we were planning on going to St. Rita’s School for the Deaf.  After a thorough evaluation, she told me that she believed Enzo would be a verbal communicator and to rethink my decision to send him to St. Rita’s.  She said to give her one year and if Enzo wasn’t speaking by then she would come with me to enroll him in St. Rita’s.  Gladly, I never had to enroll Enzo in St. Rita’s.  After less than a year of intensive speech with Jodi, Enzo began to talk and he hasn’t stopped since!!  While Enzo still needs speech to help him pronounce words properly, he is now in a regular classroom at school and doing really well.”

-Shannon Benvenuti, Maineville, OH 

“I have nothing but the best to say about Jodi and the work she has done for our four-year-old daughter, Rebecca. When Rebecca started working with Jodi almost a year ago, she was hard to understand, and would get frustrated very easily. She was mainly understood by her immediate family, and I found myself translating what she said to others the rest of the time. We knew there were issues regarding her speech articulation, but we didn’t know that Rebecca also had problems with processing language. Jodi’s knowledge shed light on a number of areas where Rebecca needed services, and the ongoing work she is doing with our daughter has made tremendous difference in such a short period of time!

Now, everyone who knows Rebecca comments not only on how clearly she speaks, but also on her attitude! Her confidence has flourished, and she is just such a happy child! She also loves the time she spends with Jodi! The exercises they do together are fun for Rebecca while also being instructive, and I am able to continue the work at home throughout the week. Rebecca simply thinks she’s playing games! I’ve sat in on a number of their sessions and have been impressed by Jodi’s demeanor with Rebecca. She does not coddle, but treats Rebecca with respect and kindness while guiding her through the activities. She is very professional on all levels. Through their work together, our daughter has grown tremendously. I hold Jodi in the highest regard, and would recommend her to anyone seeking help with their child’s speech issues.”

-Melissa W. Hunter, Mason, OH

"My son began speech therapy with Jodi when our insurance was unwilling to pay for therapy unless he had a new physical disability. I am so pleased they forced me to find Jodi, because Andrew received the best therapy anyone could ask for. I began seeing changes in him within the first month. He was so eager to "play" with Jodi that he did not even know he was doing "work". As he began to seek out new speech experiences and knowledge, Jodi would seek out new activities and programs to challenge him accordingly. Jodi was great at explaining to me what type of "work" was needed at home and provided me with the tools I needed to help Andrew succeed. I recommend Understanding Speech to any of my friends when they seem worried about their kids!"

-Jeanne Aronoff, Mason, Ohio (5/4/10)

“When my daughter Katherine was 8-years-old, she could not say her R’s, and it was really hard to understand her. I did research online, bought a book, and tried to help Katherine myself. We made NO progress and were both very frustrated. I called friends and, through the grapevine, found Jodi. I was amazed at how quickly Katherine learned her R’s! In addition to sessions with Jodi, we spent a few minutes each day "practicing" by playing games, using flashcards, and reading out loud. Literally within months, Katherine was using her R's 100% of the time and was so proud of herself. If you speak to Katherine today, you would never realize that she had a speech problem.
Would I recommend Jodi? YES!”
Linda W., Mason, OH

“Once, I could not say my R’s. At first I was scared to go to Jodi's, but once I went I was not scared anymore. We played games and before my turn I would have to say an R sound. We also made up flash cards with different R combinations on them for me to do at home. We played them as memory or go fish. After 5 weeks, I knew my R’s perfectly. I was really happy. I used to get frustrated because some people could not understand me. Now people can understand me. I'm so happy I know my R's. Thanks, Mrs. Norris!”
Katherine W. (age 9)

“Jodi has made such an astounding difference with my son, Matthew. Before beginning speech therapy, he had numerous articulation difficulties and sound substitutions. He could not be understood by his immediate family at times, and rarely could anyone outside our family hold a satisfactory conversation with him. This was obviously frustrating for everyone involved.

After only a year-and-a-half, Matthew is understood by everyone, and he can carry on phone conversations with anyone. I attribute his quick success partly to his hard work, but also to Jodi. She gave us very specific words and “homework” to do, and also provided extremely practical tips on how to incorporate his speech sounds into our everyday lives. She made Matthew’s sessions fun and enticed him with games and activities he enjoyed to keep his interest. Jodi has been flexible in allowing Matthew to direct activities whenever possible. She is always honest in reporting his progress and behavior, even when it’s not what I wanted to hear, without making me lose hope for him.

Jodi has always kept very detailed and accurate notes of Matthew’s therapy sessions, and gives copies of progress notes to me on a regular basis. I would highly recommend Jodi for anyone seeking speech therapy, especially for preschoolers or elementary-aged children.”

-Barbara A. Ilcin, Framingham, MA

“Jodi has been a Speech and Language Pathologist with the BLOCKS preschool for the entire time that I have served as the Special Education TEAM Coordinator. During that time, I have observed her treating students, interacting with staff, presenting at TEAM meetings, and problem solving on a one-to-one level. Jodi knows her field better than anyone that I have ever worked with and collaborates with staff to ensure that students receive the best program that is available.

Jodi’s assessments and written reports are thorough, precise, and presented to parents in a way that helps them to both understand their child’s strengths, but also to target specific areas of need. She is able to respond to parent’s questions in a manner that serves to clarify any issues and is able to negotiate emotionally charged situations with understanding and honesty. We serve a very complex population of students here, and Jodi has been put into some difficult situation, which she has always handled with grace and respect.

Another of Jodi’s strengths is her ability to plan and implement instruction cooperatively with other staff at BLOCKS. She is available and collegial and shares her expertise willingly and often. [Finally], she is able to demonstrate flexibility in scheduling and enthusiasm for cooperative instruction.”

-Andrea Farrar, Framingham Public Schools, Framingham, MA

“Jodi was with Framingham Public Schools for seven years and is a superb Speech and Language Pathologist. As a practitioner, she served children at the preschool and elementary levels. She also served as a supervisor for clinical fellows. For the past four years, Jodi was working primarily with preschool children and became our in-house expert on working with preschool children with autism, both verbal and non-verbal. Jodi’s assessments are clear, concise, and thorough. Her performance is excellent and contributed to the successful improvement of our students.”

-Pamela Kaufmann, Director of Special Education, Framingham Public School, Framingham, MA © 2010 | Privacy Policy | Contact Me